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The project of Argilos is an extraordinary laboratory for the training of Greek and Canadian students in the domains of the Greek archaeology and the history. Every year, about twenty students of Canadian and Greek universities have the only chance to participate in this excavation. They learn the techniques of the archaeological excavation and deepen their knowledge of the art and the architecture of antique Greece. Conducted tours of the other major sites of the region and the museums are organized. By living with the Greek students, they discover another way of life and are introduced to the culture of modern Greece. Several students of both countries maintained narrow links since their meeting in Greece. For the gradual students, the Mission of Argilos offers a quantity of subjects for the theses of M.A. and PhD.

By contributing to the Greek-Canadian archaeological Mission of Argilos, you help to strengthen essential links between the institutions of education and research for Greece and for Canada, and participate in the discovery and in the conservation of the cultural patrimony of Greece.

For any information and to help us, please contact:

Dr. Jacques Perreault, co-director of the excavation
Phone : 001 514 343 6486